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Ultimate Nutrition  |  SKU: UN0006 | Best Before: 12/2026

Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revaluation 2600 - Mass Gainer 4.7 lbs

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Discover MUSCLE JUICE® REVOLUTION by Ultimate Nutrition®, the best muscle gainer protein powder with 71% less sugar.

Designed for dedicated athletes, this top-tier mass gainer is engineered to deliver lean muscle mass gains seamlessly. Unlike other protein powders for weight gain, MUSCLE JUICE® REVOLUTION prioritizes your health by drastically cutting sugar without compromising results.

Push your limits during workouts and recover optimally with this unparalleled blend.

Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution 2600 is the ULTIMATE weight gainer on the
market. It features 56 grams of protein in the exclusive Octo-PRO™ Protein blend that combines
8 key proteins. It contains 170 grams of time release carbohydrates to aid in carbohydrate
digestion time to minimize bloating. In addition to the precursors to glutamine present in this
protein, you get 1000 mg of glutamine per serving which includes the breakthrough L-Alanyl-LGlutamine. This powerful dipeptide may protect against muscle degradation and provides fuel
for exercise to help you go the distance. When used twice a day, as directed, with milk, the user
will receive 2600 more calories and 148 more grams of protein to help exceed their weight
gaining goals.
Available in Chocolate Crème, Vanilla Crème, Strawberry, Banana, and Cookies ‘n’ Cream,
4.69 lb containers.

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